Our mission to provide assistance extends beyond the walls of patients at Tift Regional.  Following are examples of ways we help in our communities:

  • An annual $12,000 donation from the Dorminy/Rankin Funds for Medically Catastrophic Patients.
  • Assistance for Indigent Patients at Tift Community Health Center.
  • Assistance for Indigent Patients through Case Management.
  • Assistance for Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients, who are in the final stage of Rehabilitation.
  • Life Vest for patients who are at high risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
  • Strips and lancets for diabetes patients.
  • Asthma education program including literature on preventing and treating asthma; special bedding for asthmatic patients.
  • Free smoking cessation class offered to middle school students, as well as the community.
  • CPR training class for 8th grade students.