APP Award

The App Award is a $500 cash award given to an Advanced Practice Provider who demonstrates LEADERSHIP.  

  • Leadership
  • 2 Years of Work Experience
  • Actively Motivates and Impacts those around them.
  • Makes a Difference
  • Creates a Positive Work Experience.
  • Role Model to Others. 

This award is presented at the annual employee banquet in October.  Physicians, patients, co-workers and and other members of the community are encouraged to make nominations. 


Dixon Dorminy Employee of the Month

Dr. Sammie D. Dixon and Dr. John H. Dorminy, III established the Dixon Dorminy employee of the month award.  These OB/GYNs established this award due to the employees they worked with over the years at Tift Regional.  They believed that Tift Regional had the best employees and they wanted to award them for their efforts.  This $500 cash award is given on a monthly basis to an employee who goes beyond their call of duty.  

Exceptional Physician Award

The Exceptional Physician Award was established by an anonymous donor due to their love of healthcare. This individual works closely with Physicians, and felt like we had some of the best physicians on staff at Tift Regional Health Systems. This award is given to a Physician who takes PRIDE, which are Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence in healthcare. Physicians are nominated by the general public, co-workers and patients. This $500 cash award is presented at Tift Regional's annual employee banquet in October.

Ilse Boyette Book Schoalrship

The TRMC Foundation, Tour De Tifton and the Henry Boyette Family present two $500 book scholarships each July.  These scholarships are presented to a non traditional student and are to be used on book expenses at the college of your choice.  This scholarship was established in memory of the late, Ilse Boyette.   


Jensen Patrick Nursing Excellence Award

The Jensen Patrick Nursing Award was established by Mr. Ray Jensen due to the healthcare he and his wife received while at Tift General Hospital. Mr. Jensen was so impressed by the level of care, he and his family received, that he established a nursing excellence award for a nurse who greatly exceeds the basic standards of care.

He also realized that there was a lot to be said about bedside nursing. There were many responsibilities that nurses acquire, and he was impressed to see all of the departments come together in order to offer the best care for their patients. He often watched nurses perform hard tasks emotionally and physically, but they often performed them in a kind and loving manner.

This award is a $1,500 cash award and the criteria is: One who has demonstrated unusual concern for the welfare and happiness of patients and have performed extraordinary acts of kindness, someone who has a positive effect on patients, co-workers and physicians and has made a significant contribution to the improvement of patient care and one whose contributions may be overshadowed because of personal humility and modesty. This award is presented at Tift Regional's annual employee banquet in October.


Renee Moorman Scholarship

The Renee Moorman Scholarship was established for an LPN going back to RN school.  This $1,500 cash award is given in July to applicants who have been accepted into the nursing program.  This award was established by the family of the late Renee Moorman.  


Dr. Joseph M. Turner "Outstanding Employee Recognition Award"

The Heart and Vascular Center at Tift Regional Health System established the Dr. Joseph M. Turner "Outstanding Employee Recognition Award in honor of Dr. Joe Turner for his contributions to the improvement of healthcare. Dr. Turner has been on the medical staff at Tift Regional for over 51 years, and was one of twelve when he first began his career. He was the founder of Affinity Health Group, and his leadership skills and contributions to the medical community, have provided excellent healthcare to South Georgia, uncommon in other rural areas. Due to Dr. Turner's dedication to heart health, his peers in the Heart and Vascular Center have established this award in his honor. This award is presented on a quarterly basis to an individual who continuously strives to improve quality, patient safety and the management of population health.