The Tift Regional Medical Center Foundation recently presented ten Defibtech Lifeline ARMS - Automated Chest Compression Systems to Hope EMS (2), Tift County EMS (3), Tifton Fire Department (1) and Turner County EMS (42). These units are designed to perform chest compressions at a consistent depth and rate. It will allow the patient a safe transport and relocation while undergoing CPR. The Lifeline ARM will offer dependable CPR without fatigue or interrupted compressions. It will also improve access to the patient; as well as provider availability for other services.

 To learn more, call the Tift Regional Medical Center Foundation at (229) 391-3310 or visit

 Pictured from L-R:  Allen Owens; Chief at Tift County EMS/Hope EMS, Mandy Brooks; Director of the TRMC Foundation and Robby Royal; Turner County EMS Director.